It was in the 1950s that our grandparents, Antonino and Angela Barbagallo, decided to create a business dedicated to both cultivation and raising animals. Soon the assiduous, honest work of grandfather was making the farm and its products well-known in and around Siracusa.

Today a 15-hectare section of the old farm has been opened up by his grandson, Giampiero Occhipinti. Seeing the way the citrus market was headed, it was seen as indispensable to diversify. Apart from citrus production, we have developed cultivation connected with livestock and forage, such as hay, corn and medicinal herbs. In addition, part of the farm structure was restored in order to create the "agriturismo".

Cultivation methods

Our cultivation is marked by close links to both tradition and innovation. The genuine character of our products satisfy the needs of modern consumers who are increasingly aware not only of the quality of the final product, but also the care taken in the production process. Since 1999, we have possessed European Certification (CEE 2092/91) for Organic Products, issued by the body "Ecocert Italia".


Many of our products, including livestock, are destined for both farm use and external sale. Marketing of citrus products is carried out by wholesalers, who place them on the local market. Our dairy products are, instead, reserved for use in the agriturismo, but they will be directly marketed by us in the near future.